Friday, May 15, 2009

Contract signing

On 29 Jan 2009, we bit the bullet and signed contract with Eden Brae. In the current global economy and several fingers pointing to us that this is really not the right time to build...heh heh we bit the bullet.

we have had meetings with clipsal - Home Option Gallery electrician. I thought they were pricey by $1000.00

The home option design consultant was good. Aysen was her name. Although color and design is such a personal thing and it is difficult to suggest an opinion without knowing the client's likes/dislikes in a given timespan of 3 hours but she tried hard to see what kind of a look I was after and then tried to provide ideas within that look. All upgrades I requested for were priced reasonably.

The kitchen design consultant was also very professional, Barbara was helpful and patient. However, this is the one area I was displeased about. I thought they were pricey in every quote from upgrade to caesarstone to extra cupboards to the microwave tower AND mother of mother..I had made changes to the kitchen layout. However, I didnt expect that just to make those changes would cost me an extra $3000 in redesign fees alone. And then..the additions of microwave wall tower, cupboards on top, upgrade to essastone etc etc were costs on top of the $3000.

As far as I found EB to be reasonable in their charges, the kitchen blew us out of range, so I urge all of you out there that if you are making changes to your kitchen, please be warned that you will be charged a redesign fee which is $$$$$$$$$$$ in thousands.

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