Friday, May 15, 2009

Deposit payment to Eden Brae 15/11/2008

On 15/11/2008, we paid $500 non refundable deposit to go ahead with the site survey and soil test.

And then went in to pay $1500 for a tender presentation. So far so good, though really as a client you really don't have the upper hand. If you want to build, you do as the builder says. Very scary. Though EB were very professional. Sara was great and she did everything she could to make us feel comfortable with the whole build. She was awesome. If you have to sign contract, go to Sara. She patiently listened to what you wanted as inclusions, what you wanted deleted, gave her own ideas in terms of door positioning and robes and is helpful. So - so far so good.

However, we had to pay an extra $4,000 in site cost, $300 for shadow diagram, $200 for electrical rough in and power supply, $150 for plumbing rough in. Apart from those costs, there were no other costs incurred with the exceptionof the upgrades and the changes we made in terms of windows and structural adjustments.

Each and every change we asked for was charged to us. Though we thought the charge to be reasonable, however our costs were escalating.

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