Saturday, June 6, 2009


The Council did well with our plans. It got back to us within 3 weeks stating that an objection was made by one of our neighbours to include obscure glass in the bathrooms. This we had mentioned to Eden Brae during our color selection, but they had not shown it in the plans, so the plans had to go back to the drafts people which took a week and lodged back to council on June 1. However by Jun 5, council had stamped and approved the plans.

We lost 7 days due to EB carelessness.

Anyways Great News!! :) :) for council approval

So I will keep you posted as to where next and hopefully we will have a start date soon!

I'm so happy - but now is when the stress begins!

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  1. Congrats ZZZ !! As EB customers ourselves, though almost finished, we will be watching your build with interest. Enjoy the ride!