Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22nd and new CSR

An update from my end. Council approval was received on 5th June 2009. EB kept telling me they are waiting on bank documents, progress payment sheets and a go ahead from the bank. So DH kept chasing bank for documents. However a bank rep got confused and said that all correspondence was sent to EB on May 29. Yup..EB had misplaced the documents. What a waste of 17 days. Anyways, final plans have been requested for so I am pretty sure not long to go now. I have signed all my PCV's and the ball is in their court.

Helen Egginton who was with EB for a short period of time did an excellent job I must say. I am going to miss her. However, I met my new client rep and she did seem to know her stuff so I am hoping things will keep moving at the same speed.

So far, this is our third rep. Hmm..though they all have shown a level of efficiency, I am hoping no more changes to client reps.

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