Thursday, July 9, 2009

JULY 8th and signed off all plans

Gosh..its such a long process. From the time it was DA approved to now and none of it our delay. Our CSR has been excellent and keeping us updated through out the process, but the process itself is so long. After getting plans approved, we were waiting for final pcv's and artworks. That took some days, only to realise that they had made an error with one of the PCV's so they had to ammend it and s much back and forth, back and forth. What is annoying is we were prepared to sign off 4 weeks ago, but its taken them that long to get the final docs to us. Well...good news, we have signed off all our plans and documents. We have been pegged. Now we are waiting for estimation, a site supervisor and a start date. I will drive past the block over the weekend and get some photos of the land.

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  1. it's so bizarre isn't it, you'd think it would be much easier, quicker and pleasant, but it's really stressful. So glad you have signed-off plans, that's a major step. We only just started our build a couple of weeks ago, so you won't be far behind us. I'll be watching your blog to see if you catch up (god forbid, finish before us!!!)... haha